Politicians” calling up the Italians from NJ.

List of dead and disappeared witnesses tied to these recordings and numerous court cases.

This 2005-03-24 – VERIFIED PETITION FOR PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION was to have all of these recordings confiscated and destroyed filed by US Senator Jeanne Shaheens husband, William Shaheen of Shaheen & Gordon.

Violent Mobster “Eddy Nails” is threateneing this candidate for the US Senate at the point of a gun for exposing him and his organization as a front for organized crime. Eddy Nails is a registered Democrat. A violent left wing Socialist Democrat activist masquerading as a conservative taxpayer watchdog. In this recording, Eddy Nails and his assistant side with an admitted violent political assassin who is now a judge. Judge Kerry “The Killer” Steckowych. The Coalition for NH Taxpayers organization is a proven front for organized crime.

"Shut Up Or Get Shot"

They will treat you like a criminal. They will dream up charges against you.”

Worry about somebody shooting you” at the hands of police gunfire.

Treat you like a criminal - Extortion - Few precious moments left on earth.

Treat you like a criminal - Extortion - Few precious moments left on earth.With transcripts.

Get rid of Dr. Hieber

Bombs with gas in it”

Letting Steckowych off of the hook”

Send the Goffstown Fire Dept. to burn you out. Finish the job they started.

Statute of limitations”

How "These Guys" go about poisoning Taxpayer Watchdogs.

Moving ahead” on the hit contract on Gerard Beloin by Prosecutor Kerry Steckowych for speaking out against him.


Do the right thing. It’s not always easy to do the right thing”

Transcripts of all the recordings (court records)

Informant #4: "He's talking about he's got a buddy out in the f***in boat in Gloucester. He's got a big 100 ft. f***ing fishing boat. He's talking about chumming people. He don't give a f**k. He's just the guy to do it man. I know his family. They're all crazy and they want a shot at whatever is going on so."

GB: "Why did he run in the first place?"

Informant #4: "He knows. Something happened. He knows something. And. Basically he's being threatened."

GB: "Threatened to kill him."

Informant #4: "He went somewhere to Jersey, I guess, to see some family members. He said, I guess they're politicians and they're, they're Italian. They basically said. Somebody bothers you, we have people that take care of that."

GB: "They're politicians??"

Informant #4: "Go back home. Go back home. You let us know what happens. Spread the word that” …………………………The informant then goes on to name the politicians.

Please read these 60 pages of Testimonial letters in chronological order. The letters are from Drs., Architects, Engineers, Roofing Consultants, Lawyers, NH Supreme Court Justices, NH Superior Court Judges, US Senators, US Congressmen, NH State Reps, Goffstown Building Committee members and tax payer advocates as well as friends and family members. There are nearly a dozen sworn affidavits attesting to the veracity of my allegations.